Every year parents are faced with the same question, “What activities should our kids do during the long summer months?” It’s a legitimate question with a variety of answers. Sure sending the kids outside for a while is a great option, but going for up to two months without participating in any type of structured program can make the return to school in August quite difficult. Summer programs are a great way for children to participate in actives, stay fit, and socialize with other children in a structured and monitored environment.
It is because of these benefits as well as our passion for helping our community thrive that we will be hosting our FMA Summer Kids Camp in 2015. Our kids camp provides instruction in the various disciplines that Fluid Martial Arts Academy offers. Each day of the week students will be trained in physical fitness along with one of the arts that we teach. The program includes training in Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kenpo Karate, Weaponry, Tumbling, and Physical Fitness. While the martial arts activities can be extremely fun, the camp will also provide down-time for students to socialize and rest as to avoid over-training and burnout. Students will also be provided with healthy snacks and hydration along with constant supervision in a positive environment. Check out the details below.

Monday –  Friday : 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

June 1 – 5
June 8 – 12
July 20 – 24
July 27 – 31

Non-members $150 per week
Members $125 per week

Each weekly session is limited to a total of 12 students. Please contact us at 480-349-5898 or fluidmartialarts@outlook.com to reserve space.