Tempe, Arizona’s Best Martial Arts School

313266_2266795705942_1177226715_nFluid Martial Arts Academy is one of Tempe, Arizona’s best martial arts schools for both children and adults specializing in Self-Defense, Kenpo Karate, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Weaponry, Mixed Martial Arts Training, Physical Fitness and Competition.  Our program includes group and private classes for students of all experience levels allowing both beginners and advanced students to tailor the program to meet their goals.

Owner and Head Trainer John T Burns is a lifetime martial artist with over 25 years of training experience and 15 years of experience coaching both children and adults in the various arts offered at our facility. In addition, John T is a former certified school teacher in the state of Arizona; specializing in youth education. He has coached many students to state, national and even world championships.

Another element that sets Fluid Martial Arts Academy apart from other martial arts schools is the environment we provide.  With an emphasis on self-defense, self-improvement, and positive reinforcement; students are capable of learning in a safe, “ego-less” environment.

Our Tempe Facility

1497673_409679749135712_1345153919_nFluid Martial Arts Academy has just over 2,000 square feet of space with plenty of room for families and friends to observe classes.  With an open environment, students are able to attend classes without the risk of running into training equipment or other students, helping to maximize the success and productivity of each class.

With a variety of training equipment from Fairtex, Combat Corner and Ringside along with over 1,200 square feet of mat space, students are guaranteed to get the training needed to attain their goals.  In addition, a variety of workout equipment including Battle Ropes, Agility Ladders, an Inversion Table, Medicine Balls and Kettlebells are available for student use before, during and after class.

Our facility is located in Tempe, Arizona on the northwest corner of Southern and McClintock in the Southern Palms Shopping Plaza.  We are south facing and four units west of Sprouts Market. For contact information and a Virtual Tour of the facility, go to our Get Started page.

Our Trainers

Our trainers provide dynamic, detailed instruction emphasizing positive reinforcement to help students learn in the best way possible.  Our traininers make students feel welcome and comfortable and offer immediate feedback and corrections to help them excel rapidly.

Our Students

Big maxFluid Martial Arts Academy has some of the most dedicated students in the martial arts.  With many of them training six days a week, they are extremely skilled and helpful when working and drilling with our newest students.